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June 11th was the anniversary of our first date and since we are newlyweds we will not be officially celebrating after this year. My husband and I decided we would celebrate with small gifts and a home cooked meal.

I was struggling to find a great gift for him. I hate spending money on silly things or things that will not get used. We’ve been really healthy and trying to get into great shape so I decided to get the hubby more equipment to add to our home gym. I was pretty sure that my gift would blow his out of the water but boy was I so wrong!

Richie surprised me with a trip to PARIS! Yes, you read that right…Paris here we come!!


I cried like a baby and was beyond surprised. I can’t even believe that he planned a whole trip to Paris for us. He is honestly the most romantic man in the whole world. He even remembered that I said I wanted to go to the lock bridge and bought us a lock to put on it. We will be going at the end of July and I’m beyond excited. I’ve never been so any recommendations, suggestions and tips are appreciated and would be so helpful!!!