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First, I need to apologize for my lack of posting! As most of you know, I am getting married in 45 days, moving out of our current house by the end of March and starting construction on our new one so we are BUSY to say the least! It is an exciting but super stressful time in my life 🙂

The New Year has brought so many wonderful healthy changes to my life. I finally quit smoking cigarettes, starting working out way more and eating a very healthy diet. The results have been amazing!! Below is a picture of me in the beginning of January and one of me just a few days ago!



I am so incredibly proud of myself and all of the hardwork that it has taken to get this far! A lot of people have been asking me how I did it so I am going to do my best to start posting my workouts, meals and progress pictures! I hope that I will be able to inspire others like I have already been 🙂 All of the information that I post is from research that I have personally done. I’m not trained in exercise or nutrition.


There is NO MAGIC solution. It takes time, effort and dedication but if you put your mind to it you can do it! Below are some of the biggest changes that have helped me:

1. WORKOUT- yup, you actually have to move to lose weight. I try to go to yoga 2 days a week, run 3-4 days a week and lift light dumbbells 4 days a week. 

2. Cut out as many processed foods as you can!

3. Limit red meat, increase vegetables and fruits, limit sugars, more protein and whole wheat instead of white!! 

4. Vitamins

5. Sleep 

6. Track your progress


Ask away if you have any questions!!!