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It was one of those days where since the moment I woke up I got one piece of bad news after the other and nothing went my way. I never give my fiancé enough credit but he is amazing and goes out of his way to cheer me up. He suggested a nice long, run to clear my head. Richie and I both are back in the gym trying to get in shape for the wedding and leading a healthier lifestyle for our future. But Richie is not a huge fan of running and he is much faster then me so I think he secretly gets a little frustrated plus he’d rather do weight training! I love running with him because it keeps me motivated to keep up with him and work harder. It also lets us spend some time together even though we are both usually listening to our music! Anyways, it was one of my best runs in awhile and it was great to have my fiancés support and encouragement. It was freezing cold and we ran some hills but I feel so much better!