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For all of my fellow brides to be, this is one of the best things that I have discovered through my planning. Registering for a wedding is not easy. Well at least it was not easy for us. I think that a lot of it has to do with the fact that we already have a house and most of the things that couples typically register for. While searching the internet one day I came across one of the best websites ever, well for brides struggling with their registry. Myregistry.com is amazing and I signed up the second I came across the site. So you’re probably thinking “What’s so great?”…well a million things. First, no more choosing one or two stores to register at. This website allows you to register at just about any and every store. There is even an app so if you are on the go and see something that you want to add you can snap a picture of the barcode and add it right to your registry. You can also add cash contributions for your honeymoon, house, etc. and the money gets directly put into your bank account through Paypal. Visit the site and check it out for yourself because there are so many other amazing things that you can do with this site.

I also want to share a few tips to consider while registering.

-Add gifts in a wide range of prices and multiple gifts at each price point

-Add gift cards (Think Victoria’s Secret for honeymoon goodies?)

-See if your resort has a honeymoon registry or gift cards your guests can get you for your stay

-If you already have a lot of the things you need- start thinking duplicates and more everyday things for example- tea towels, hand towels, a doormat, candles etc.

-You can NEVER have too much on your registry but you can have too little!