I would say I’m crafty, I’m no Martha Stewart but I am pretty good at the basics. I always try to give my people gifts that they can keep forever and be reminded of me by. With mother’s day approaching(this all happened last week) I needed an idea for mother’s day. This year my friend Deanna and I decided to paint terra-cotta pots for our moms. Deanna got her BA in art and she is amazing at painting. I knew I would need some direction because I am terrible at drawing/painting.

Here is what you need to make the pots:

– 1 terra-cotta pot (we went to Walmart and they had a ton of different sizes, we opted for the medium ones which cost $2.99 each)

– several bottles of outdoor acrylic paint, in the colors of your choice (we also got these in the craft section of Walmart and they cost $1.99 each)

– several brushes with rounded tips and different sizes (we got a pack that was $4.99 at Walmart)

Be careful when you put your pots in the car because one of ours rolled of the seat and broke..oops! Anyways, we put garbage bags on my kitchen table so we wouldn’t get paint everywhere. Next, we put the paint onto a sheet of aluminum foil where we planned to dip our brushes. You can rinse your brushes in water but we found it easier to designate each brush to a color because water can make the paint runny. Now comes the fun part!! I watched Deanna as she quickly painted her flower (she made it look so easy) I was confident that I could do it. My first flower came out alright but nothing like hers. I practiced on paper a few more times and then we did our pots. They actually turned out great but I could definitely use some more practice on my painting 😉 You can do different flowers and use any colors that you want. I used a magic marker to write a message to my mom on the bottom. I also bought a nice plant for her to put in the new pot. She absolutely loved the gift and it was very inexpensive to make. You can also make this for other occasions for example a house warming gift, birthday etc.  and since you already purchased the supplies next time you only need the pot!!